6 Life Lessons I Learned From The Cast Of Friends

I could see my parents in Monica and Chandler! 🙂

Thought Catalog


Friends is one of the most iconic and most loved shows in television history. Ten years after its final season, I find myself discovering it for the first time (I was born in 1994—Season 1!) and loving it all the same. Beyond all the quirky skits, witty comebacks, and catchy tunes (Smelly Cat!), this TV show and the six beloved characters have taught me a lifetime’s worth of lessons in the few weeks that I’ve had my 10-season marathon.

Phoebe Buffay taught me that happiness is a choice


She grew up with the most traumatically “colorful” childhood stories and lived through the saddest situations. She lost her mother to suicide, lived on the streets of the city, got left by her scientist boyfriend several times for Minsk, discovered that her biological mother isn’t who she actually is, became the surrogate mother of her brother’s triplets (and she had…

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