How You Know You’re In Love

The question here is.. When will it happen?

Thought Catalog

Viola (absent for some time)Viola (absent for some time)

We’ve all either shamefully been in or distressingly watched early teenage relationships. The ones where the two people are constantly hanging all over each other, breaking up and getting back together all during study hall, and telling each other “I love you” every waking second of the day. These kinds of couples exist in the society we live in today more than ever before.

This “love” that these middle school children claim to be feeling is really an infatuation. It’s the first time a person of the opposite gender, without any familial relation, really showed any interest in them and that’s very exciting. However, to put the label of ” in love” on these puberty-ridden rugrats is just incorrect.

You can absolutely love someone you’re in a relationship with without being in love with them. So many of my friends have been in several relationships…

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