The ABCs Of Love

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A ngry – This probably suggests my overall feelings for love, but yeah, among all the feelings love emotes, anger is definitely one of them. While you may love the shit out of someone, they’ll also want to make you punch things. You’ll be close to ripping your hair out or karate chopping them in the throat.

Bullshit – I mean bullshit in any sense of the word. You put up with bullshit because you’re “in love” and the things you do while “in love” is bullshit. When someone’s “in love” they do things they normally wouldn’t do. If I love you, I’m making your mom a birthday card. When I love you I’ll go to every show your shitty band plays. I’ll put up with you being late to everything because of band practice. We’ll have nicknames for sex because it’s all bullshit.

Cry – People…

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