10 Signs You’re In A Healthy, Mature Relationship

Thought Catalog


We’ve all been in that childish relationship where we stay on the phone for hours, text each other back within minutes, fall asleep with the phone barely clinging to the pillow and getting a fit of anxiety if your significant other doesn’t respond within the nanosecond. Here’s how you know you’ve grown out of the childish phase:

1. RESPECT: Respect comes first in a two way relationship. You both respect each other enough to grow as two beautiful individuals together and not one single person attached at the hip. You don’t harp on each other’s decisions, choices, lifestyle and personal space.

2. TRUST: You trust each other enough to not be a stalker – you don’t check his/her phones when they’re in the shower or go through his Facebook or Instagram likes to stalk the girl who chronically likes his pictures.

3. SUPPORT: You compliment the other person on…

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