19 Things I Took For Granted About My Mom

Thought Catalog

When I was 17, my mom was diagnosed with a rare and extremely aggressive cancer. When I was 19 she lost her fight with that cancer. In the almost five years since she has been gone, I have had a lot of time to realize that I didn’t know what I had had until she was gone and what I took for granted when she was here. This is a list I wrote to my mom of all the things I miss about her and took for granted.

Terms Of EndearmentTerms Of Endearment

1. The consistent compliments. I think my self-esteem has taken a nose dive and it takes me twice as long to shop now without you there to tell me how great I look in everything. Call me conceited but you really did make me feel like the most beautiful girl in anything I tried on. Of course you were…

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