3 Of The Most Defining Moments In Everyone’s Love Lives

Thought Catalog

1. Your First Love

When you first fall in love, it’s a beautiful thing. Many people forget that being capable of truly loving is a gift and first love is the most generous of all the love we’re going to give in our lifetimes. First loves are untainted by the reality of emotions. Innocence and ignorance is bliss. Although you may be aware of the risks and the negatives that can happen in love, it isn’t a constant memory — you have no wounds in your heart and mind tearing at you when you are experiencing love for the first time. 

How you are in love with your first love is a truly defining moment. Feelings overwhelm you. The rush of passion and excitement. Reason takes the backseat to those intense feelings. Even skeptics begin to wonder if fairy tales truly exist.

In love, we show our true colors. With…

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