How To Truly Be There For Someone

Thought Catalog

“And every time I write, every time I open my eyes, I am cutting out parts of myself simply to hand them over to you.”  -Anis Mojgani

Cut out parts of yourself and give them away, fill the gaps with parts of loved ones. Be there for someone by being invested in them. Care because they are a part of you, and you feel what they feel.

Learn to listen, not hear. Become attuned to how they speak, how they express themselves.  Absorb their body language, their tone of voice, their ticks. Master listening until you know whether to absorb in silence or refract. Figure out when to be a sounding board, and when to be the brain of a child, taking in everything quietly. Sometimes being there for someone means making yourself absent, small, silent.  Sometimes it means inundating them with words, sounds, distraction; an auditory embrace.

Keep your…

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