I Knew What I Had When I Had You

Thought Catalog

I don’t know much about politics. I know hardly anything about the economy and I don’t know how to change a tire on a car. I don’t know how to hold my liquor, I need a calculator to determine the tip, and I don’t know why the caged bird sings. But I know that when you bite your lower lip to try to withhold a smile and pick at your forehead while staring at your computer screen, you’re about to say something witty and subtly judgmental about your ex, or about the girl you went to elementary school with who posted a picture of the sonogram from her third pregnancy.

I know that your smile is a campfire, and I’m the marshmallow that you rotate next to the hot coal to get it consistently and evenly golden brown. And soon my insides turn to mush. That’s what your smile does…

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