Teach Me How To Love You… And I Will Teach You How To Love Me

Thought Catalog

Almost all of us are wondering: how the hell do you do this dance called love?

It sure ain’t easy. I’m not here to bullshit you. Looking around, other than grandparents or perhaps even your friends’ grandparents the ones who’ve been together for forty, fifty years, we have few great role models of a life of loving a partner. You and I both know the celebrities we pay so much attention to don’t know any more about love than you do, and in many cases, they probably know less. The great loves of literature and myth seem quaint when compared to modern twists of fate like Tinder. All of our relationship experts and sexperts offer heaps of conflicting advice — they’re basically a confusing mirror reflection of the diet industry. And of course, there are the billion dollar industries built on helping you find love. And let’s say you do…

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