Why The Best Ones Are Alone

Thought Catalog

image - Flickr / Ben Seidelman image – Flickr / Ben Seidelman

It happens all the time and maybe, if you’re that kind of girl, it’s happens to you. You find yourself sitting at home, alone, wondering why you have no one. No one has texted you tonight. No one’s called within the last few days. You’re not snuggled up with your boyfriend watching a movie or getting ready for a date with the butterflies in your stomach that signify endless outcomes. You’re at home, in your bed, checking your phone every two minutes for absolutely nothing while watching a pointless and plot-lacking movie. Why? You ask yourself, why am I all alone?

You may think you’re ugly sometimes. What girl doesn’t? You may think you can be too loud and obnoxious or too quiet and stand-offish. You may be without academic stardom or athleticism to threaten Beckham. But overall? You know you’re one of the…

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