If We All Want Love, Why Do So Many People Run When They Find It?

Thought Catalog

When modern day relationship gurus and women’s magazines talk about being ready for love, what they mean is recognizing when the right person comes along and having an open heart ready to receive love’s blessings.

Last week, I met a man who fits all the criteria I’d want in a partner. He is mature, grounded, spiritual, and of course, handsome. In his early 20s, he was a professional model hand-picked by Giorgio Armani. His looks have faded somewhat in the intervening 20 years, but they have been replaced with a worldly wisdom that comes only from a life of diverse experiences. His journey resembles my own, beginning in a superficial domain whose emptiness revealed itself and eventually led to a deeper path of spirituality. While mine has taken me to India, his took him to Tibet where he taught English to monks.

On our second date, he expressed that he…

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